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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by RforFilm 9 / 10

Bad Santa 2 is nowhere near as funny nor smart as it's alcoholic original

Who remembers the 2003 black comedy Bad Santa? It was an interesting change of pace from your typical Christmas movie. Unlike It's a Wonderful Life, Miracle on 34th Street or Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas where the child teaches the adult the lesson and the season brings joy to the main character, Bad Santa took those clichés and turned them upside down. The child was naive and Christmas made Santa cringe. While it isn't the first dark Christmas movie, it made the idea of an alcoholic, high libido Santa more mainstream then it would have been before.Most importantly, it made Billy Bob Thornton a big star who still acquires some big roles (most notably, his Golden Globe winning performance in the Fargo TV series). So like any successful movie, there tends to be talk of a sequel. But we had to wait thirteen years to hear where Santa would be after getting arrested. I'll admit that also like a lot of the holiday classics, I wasn't too sure if a continuation of Bad Santa was even justified. But it seems that 2016 is the year for sequels, so lets see if Bad Santa 2 can reach the same comedic heights of the original. Willie Soke (played by Billy Bob Thornton) seems to have given up his life of crime. That doesn't mean he's turned over a new leaf. He's been in and out of jobs and he's still an alcoholic. In fact, if it weren't for his now adult friend/surrogate son Thurman Merman (played by Brett Kelly), he would have killed himself years ago. Just as he's contemplating committing suicide again, he gets a call from his former bandit partner, Marcus (played by Tony Cox). Marcus meets with Willie to apologize for trying to kill him before (see Bad Santa) and offers him a big heist in Chicago.Willie agrees and finds out that he and Marcus will be robbing a charity on Christmas Eve. Part of this means two things; that Willie will have to put on the Santa suit once again and he'll have to work with one of the employees on the inside, his mother Sunny Soke (played by Kathy Bates). The charity's head Diane (played by Christina Hendricks) does her best to keep Willie's constant drinking and swearing in line for the sake of the holiday. Will Willie once again learn the meaning of he season?It's clear that the same team from the original movie is not back. While Bad Santa was foul, it did have a twisted heart to it and a overall style that was almost Kubrick-like. Bad Santa 2 only seems interested in it's foul humor and offering little to balance things out. The script doesn't give its actors a lot to go off, either giving us much of the same or new elements that don't seem to fit what Bad Santa was trying offer in a real world setting. Elements like fighting another Santa, a children's choir, and a Santa convention feel too out of place. Every actor, especially Kathy Bates, tries their hardest to work with this setup. I did laugh at a few moments, but they were rare. I think my issue is that given what happened in the end of the least movie, it's really sad to see that little had changed for these characters. I shouldn't expect Thornton's character to be normal, but you'd think the experience he went through would have changed him a little bit. I'll give this movie credit for trying to dwell deeper into this Santa's backstory, but everything seems to be taken into the wrong direction.I'll give this three Christmas flasks out of ten. This is strictly only for those that really want to know what happens next in the Bad Santa story. Otherwise, either stick to the original, or if you want better Christmas black comedies, try Gremlins, The Ref, or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. I'd rather not spend another holiday with Willie Soke.

Reviewed by Anthony Iessi 9 / 10

From Bad to Worse

"I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct. I've been challenged by so many people, and I don't frankly have time for total political correctness. And to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time either." - President-Elect, Donald J. TrumpYou couldn't have asked for a more symbolic film to usher in a new era of America culture. Ladies and gentlemen, we've found the holy grail of politically incorrect comedy. It's the most repulsive, abhorrent, perverted, racist, sexist film of the year and perhaps the decade. But the film is well aware of it, and for that reason alone, it's not offensive. Bad Santa, when released back in 2003, was a misanthropic comedy masterpiece that enchanted people by how dark it went for a laugh. But even for how dark it was, the jokes were very well written, and really well delivered by a cast that included the now deceased John Ritter and Bernie Mac.Bad Santa 2 wants to be it's predecessor, so badly. So badly that it dares to go even deeper down the toilet bowl, and it does so with little jingle bells on it's toes. There isn't a moment in this film where someone isn't insulting someone, or using a colorful variation of the F-word, or engaging in depraved sexual acts in public... and it goes on like this for 90 minutes straight. It makes Adam Sandler's worst cinematic atrocities, like That's My Boy, seem subtle and tame. But the film tries so hard to be repulsive, that it's actually quite remarkable. Seriously, it's almost totally enjoyable to behold it. I was laughing, not because I found any of the jokes particularly funny, but because they were being told in the first place. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Reviewed by gojira-81503 9 / 10

Fails to Improve upon the Oriignal

Bad Santa 2 is a strange movie. On one hand the movie has some amazing one-liners from Billy Bob Thornton, as he reprises his role as Willie from the first film. On the other hand, the film is many years late and has a slew of disappointingly shallow side characters thrown into the mix.The film begins with Willie being lured into going to Chicago by Tony Cox's character Marcus. Essentially, they are going to Chicago to rip off a charity organization. This premise on paper sounds fun, but the execution is sloppy. When Willie gets to Chicago he reunites with his Mother played by Kathy Bates. She calls Willie *beep* constantly throughout the movie, as if the film is trying to force-feed the idea that she is the reason Willie is such a bad man. The problem here is that no one wanted a character in this movie to combat with side Willie and there are multiple scenes in this film where I felt her and Willie were battling for screen time with the latter being the obvious winner. Her character felt very forced, and it honestly started to derail the film as it endured.Another returning character, Thurman Murman, played by Brett Kelley, is funny at times, but once again it was forced. His character just isn't as funny as he was in the original 2003 hit, as he has aged and seeing this character aged does not just suddenly make it funny. The innocence of him as a child is what made his character so funny in the first movie, and now it just feels annoying because the audience is left saying "grow up already." While his character would have been funny as a little cameo, it just is not funny having him through the duration of the film.The reason the first Bad Santa worked so well is because the film contrasted pure arrogance and wrath with innocence which made for some truly awkward scenarios to play out. This film tries really hard to be way too raunchy and over-the-top that it misses the point entirely. The side characters in this film include the stereotypical cheating husband boss, nerdy security henchman, and a woman who is more interested in old men than the typical good looking guy. These characters are extremely overacted and they cannot hold a candle to John Ritter and Bernie Mac in the original Bad Santa. It is as if the film feels the need to be raunchier and more vulgar to keep up with the current trend of comedy, but Bad Santadid not need to up this factor so much, it just needed funny scenarios involving Willie.That being said, there are moments in this film that work really well, and all of them involve Willie. Billy Bob Thornton is on his A-game here and the movie would be a total trash-bag if it wasn't for his saving performance. The scene involving him battle another "jolly" Santa Clause was perfectly played out and had the audience laughing out loud multiple times. It's just too bad that the movie focuses too much on the exaggerated side characters and Willie's mother in particular.Overall, Bad Santa 2 does not live up to the first one by any means. It has annoying side characters, a lack of focus, and it even goes as far as trying to implement a twist at the end that is not earned at all. I honestly wish rather than a full-fledged sequel we got some 10 minute shorts of "funny situations" involving Willie. It would be much funnier than this full-fledged movie without overstaying its welcome with so many unwanted characters. If you enjoyed the original Bad Santa, then you will definitely laugh in some cases, but you will leave the theater rolling your eyes nonetheless.Final Score: 2/5

Reviewed by jtindahouse 9 / 10

Highly flawed but still somehow very enjoyable

Billy Bob Thornton is one bad dude? on screen at least ? and he's good at being bad. His first starring film role was as a murderer in 1996's "Sling Blade" ? earning him a Best Actor Oscar for his efforts ? and then there was his racist prison guard in 2001's "Monster's Ball". But most of Thornton's bad guys have been in comedies, such as the sadistic high school gym teacher in "Mr. Woodcock" (2007) ? and in 2006 he actually ran the "School for Scoundrels". Of course, some of his bad roles are actually "Bad" roles ? in more ways than one. In 2005, he starred as the disagreeable little league coach in the underwhelming remake "Bad News Bears". In 2003, he showed us what a "Bad Santa" looks like and, in 2016, well? he reminded us in "Bad Santa 2" (R, 1:32). So, is that just another clever name for a movie, or should Movie Fans take the title as a reflection of the movie's quality? The answer depends on how you define "Bad".Willie Soke (Thornton) is about a dozen years older, but not a bit wiser. He's still an alcoholic (which, we find out, cost him his chance at a happy ending with Sue, his girlfriend from the first film). He's still (ineptly) suicidal ? and as crude, rude and sex-obsessed (and as bad at keeping a job) as ever ? and he's still being followed around his adopted home town of Phoenix by Thurman Merman, AKA "the kid". Thurman (Brett Kelly) is turning 21 and wants Willie to keep a promise to "pop his cherry" (even though Thurman doesn't even know what that means). A disgusted Willie explains that he's not going to do that personally, but he'll arrange to have it done, which he tries to do, by linking Thurman up with an old friend from the first film, a prostitute named Opal (again played by Oscar winner Octavia Spencer).Willie's old partner-in-crime (literally), Marcus Skidmore (Tony Cox), shows up to offer him a chance at his biggest payday ever for a single "job". Willie reluctantly goes with Marcus to Chicago, only to find out that the job is to rob a charity, which Willie objects to, not because he'd be indirectly stealing from underprivileged kids, but because he thinks there's not enough money in it. Willie's even more upset to learn that, in order to be in a position to steal the money, he has to volunteer with "Giving Way" ? by putting on the Santa suit again ? and the mastermind of this robbery is his hated mother, Sunny (Oscar winner Kathy Bates). As soon as Willie sees her, he punches her in the face. She just laughs at him and resumes calling him her pet name for him ? "Shit Stick" (which she crudely explains later in the movie).Marcus (after apologizing again for trying to kill Willie the last time they worked together) gets him to agree to do the job, by guaranteeing a large haul of cash and promising that the two of them will cut Sunny out at the end. As Willie, Marcus and Sunny dress up respectively as Santa, his elf and Mrs. Claus, they lay the groundwork for their planned Christmas Eve heist. Willie cozies up to Giving Way's co-president, Diane (Christina Hendricks), whose husband, Regent (Ryan Hansen), is (unbeknownst to her) cheating on her ? and embezzling from Giving Way (but there's also more to Diane than meets the eye). Marcus crawls through the air ducts in Giving Way's building to get the details they need to do the job, and also tries to romance a security guard named Gina (Jenny Zigrino), so he can steal her keys. Sunny coaches the other two from the sidelines, while acting more like a mother to Willie than she has been in many years. When Regent gets suspicious of Willie and Marcus, he has his clueless head of security, Dorfman (Jeff Skowron), start spying on them. Complicating things further, Thurman finds out that Willie is in Chicago and just shows up, hoping to spend Christmas with the closest thing he has to a real friend."Bad Santa 2" isn't as bad a movie as 2003's "Bad Santa", but that ain't saying much. The overwhelming torrent of swearing, insults and other crudities overshadow the few genuinely funny jokes in the script from "Santa" newcomers Johnny Rosenthal and Shauna Cross. Likewise, someone should have told Mark Waters what the director of the original should've learned ? that a few decent sight gags can't make up for a dearth of actual humor. The three stars look about as unhappy with being in this movie as their characters are with their lives ? or most Movie Fans are likely to be with this sequel, while Hansen and Skowron make poor substitutes for the foils played by the late actors Bernie Mac and John Ritter in the first film. On the other hand, the sequel does have a better story (and ending), a few more laughs and more heart than "Bad Santa". Unfortunately, much like that one, "Bad Santa 2" is pretty bad too. "C-"

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