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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by steve beard ([email protected]) 9 / 10

It's Not Great But It Is Different

I'm a fan of Aaron Eckhart so that was my main draw to see Incarnate.The good: The film doesn't insult you by explaining everything at once, it does this through the action and dialogue sequences which are OKAY. Aaron delivers a solid performance here, and so does David Mazouz, the kid that plays Bruce Wayne in the Gotham TV series. The story is moderately interesting and reminds me a bit of Inception.The Meh/Bad: The directing is often a bit ham-fisted and clunky. The script wasn't particularly brilliant but was OKAY. Didn't care much for the cop-out ending although that's a minor complaint.Bottom line is, don't expect a masterpiece or above average film. Its a nice film to kill an hour and a half with.

Reviewed by falynsoul 9 / 10

Serviceable, and not as bad as the critics are saying.

Ahh Christmas, a time of giving, good will, peace, and evil spirits. Wait? what? Yes, it seems that the first weekend of December is a time to release films involving demons, ghouls, and whatever apparition you can think to open the holiday season. This weekend, the name of the film is Incarnate, starring Aaron Eckhart, Catalina Sandino Moreno, and David Mazouz (among others). Haven't heard of it? Don't worry most haven't, but nevertheless I'm here to inform you on the latest films to hit the silver screen. Here we go!LIKES: ? Plot based horror ? Eckhart's acting ? Decent ThrillerThe horror movie genre is not known for having the greatest plots, and often has a frail story to give purpose to the scares. Fortunately, Incarnate has a more original tale to help it stand and one that isn't too shabby. I can best describe it as Inception meets a horror movie, where Dr. Ember (Eckhart) is able to dive into people's subconscious to exercise demons. While certainly cheesy, this twist adds a bit of mystery and thrills to add some excitement to what has been a tried and true formula. This tale has some decent character development and establishes some rivalries that help keep you engaged into the movie as Ember tries to put his demons to rest. Of course, much of the movie relies on Eckhart's acting skills. Most know that Eckhart has a limited emotional range he can reach, and he still hits the same gruff, solitary moping that he always portrays. It works in this film, as Ember's back story promotes his depression and single minded goal of eradicating the darkness at hand. He sells the suffering and rage built up in him all while making you empathize the trials he has to face. In addition, his confidence and ability to break the rules makes his character the antihero you love to follow. Not bad for a main character to which the movie relies on. The other characters work very well in their roles, there just wasn't much to go on. Finally, the movie treads more down the thriller (and somewhat action path) then the horror path. Incarnate's tale focuses on the character drama and story than the actual scares, though it does have a few good jumps at times. The horror element comes in the theme of the evil spirits and possession, but outside of that really focuses on trying to entertain you with thrills and engaging characters. So, if you're looking to be scared out of your pants? sorry to disappoint. DISLIKES: ? Not scary ? Very rushed pace at times ? Shallow Character development ? Other characters shafted ? Demon designAgain, the movie is lacking in scares and the jump scare moments are very predictable/unoriginal in this tale. Most of the time it's the sudden blaring of music that will have you jump, eventually being dropped to the background. In regards to the creepiness, this film can't help you there either with only the deep seeded voice and a few soulless eyes being the tools to unnerve you. Like I said, the movie focuses on thrills and plot than scares. And despite that focus, Incarnate's directors and writers had a good start, but they didn't take it to its full potential. For one thing, the pace becomes very rushed at times, a few sequences being so dramatically built up only to quickly end in a bang, crunch, or loud scream. The rushed pace robs the film of the suspense it desires, but also limits the amount of character development. Yes, we get insight into Ember's backstory, but other parts of his past are left unexplained. As for the other characters, there tales are either nonexistent, or so simplistic/formulaic that the characters didn't need to exist in the film. His fellow workers, the mother, and even the demons would have benefited from some more thinking time, before putting this film out to press. Perhaps the potential sequel will enlighten us more on their lives should it come to pass. In addition, some of the plot explanations behind the science were laughable. Speaking of the demons, don't expect any top notch, award winning monsters that will make you pee your pants or stay up late. Much of the creatures are reduced to blood shot eyes, or human avatars with dark black eyes that are a little freaky. I had hoped that there would be a little more sustenance behind these creatures, especially with their importance to the story. The big, bad leader of the bunch gets a lot of hype, and good news is you get to see it at the end? or parts of it. Rather than reveal the entire demonic spectacle, they decided to show very little of the demon's true form. Why such small portions with such hype? I don't know, but it was annoying and kind of stupid in my opinion. The Verdict:Overall, Incarnate was a nice surprise in how much story there was in the holiday horror. Perhaps it was my low expectations going in, but the film had some good thrills to get this last month going. However, it needed more time, development, editing, and creepiness to truly obtain the masterpiece they were shooting for. Perhaps the impending sequel will make up for the limitations, especially if the cliffhanger at the end is any indication. Regardless, Incarnate is a film left for the RedBox, and your money is better reserved for the films coming out later this month. My scores:Horror/Thriller: 7.0 Movie Overall: 6.0

Reviewed by rgkarim 9 / 10

Inception Meets Insidious: Incarnate Original But Not Spectacular

This was a bad movie. Not in a sense that the creators failed in achieving what they wanted because they never even tried. This was definitely not a horror nor was this a thriller. I can barely even call it a movie. I don't know exactly what happened but it really felt like nobody in the production team cared about this movie at all. It doesn't even qualify as amateur filmmaking cause I've seen better independent films with even lower budget, hell, I've seen better short films on YouTube. I rarely say this, but everything in this movie was bad. The writing was horrible, the characters were either explaining stuff or saying/doing something completely out of place (and react as well). Even the direction was a failure, you'd think people can at least shoot a car crash in 2016 to make it somewhat believable, but no. The story was such a mess, it had no horror elements or suspense whatsoever. Furthermore, it barely even had any jump-scares, the cheapest gimmick any horror can scare you with. I don't even want to spend more time on writing this review cause the creators obviously did not spend any time on this one. Please, don't watch it, it really is bad. P.S. Aaron Eckhart, the Golden Globe nominee, I can't believe you did this movie, man.

Reviewed by kuarinofu 9 / 10

Lazy and

I was bored so I went and saw this movie. I'm lucky that I have an unlimited pass for the theater so the quality doesn't matter. But if you are not so fortunate and you have to pay for the ticket then please. Save your time and go to McDonald's instead.The movie starts with an super cliché intro. During the film they have more cliché dialog. and the worst part was that halfway thru the movie Catalina Sandino Moreno pulls Dr. Ember aside for a personal conversation if he wants go thru with his research cause it seems so dangerous. This stupid conversation lasts 2 lines. I'm sorry but if I wrote the movie she didn't needed him to pull aside for 2 lines of are you sure?The only positive comment I can make on this movie was this part when he entered the boys mind and the transition was done with no cuts. yet it was kinda stolen of conjuring 2. TLDR; It's a movie full of cliché cliffhangers and dialog. Not worth the money. Very badly acted. Just another demon movie with their only help.

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