Jack Reacher: Never Go Back


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Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher
Cobie Smulders as Turner
Robert Knepper as Gen. Harkness
Danika Yarosh as Samantha
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brandon Robinson 9 / 10

Thanks for coming back, Jack!

I definitely enjoyed it, though I would be remiss to say that I do not remember very much about the first film. I even re-watched the trailer, re-read some of my own impressions on it from a few years ago, and honestly a lot of it doesn't ring a bell. Some scenes here and there do, but I won't be able to draw any real comparisons for anybody. Not remembering it much though, I think it's safe to say you can see this one without seeing the first one if that's what suits you. Any connection that might have been there flew right by me, and everything is plenty coherent without it.Now, if I felt the first film was strong enough despite its flaws, I think I can say the same for this one as well. I think the first one was more of Tom Cruise playing a more impenetrable character, whereas you get him only slightly more grounded this time around. There are reasons for his shield to be a bit lowered though, and I thought those aspects of the film worked out great. My two biggest complaints about JR1 was that one of the baddies was unnecessary and the latter half of the film dragged a little. I didn't think JR2 felt drawn out at all, and any "baddies" were serviceable.It wasn't riddled with far too many laughs (there were some, don't worry) and there wasn't anything in the action that will separate itself from the pack, so it's just a matter of whether the story will pull you in enough. I'll just bite and say that Cruise was my major draw. Without him I'm sure the film would be just fine (and as I said about the first one, I would have almost preferred seeing it without him in a way), but he's a likable action star and is in that last decade of not getting a little more on the senior side of things, so let's enjoy every bit he has to offer until then! Dialogue was hit-and-miss, a few moments were predictable, and direction wasn't the most ambitious... but for $68 million, what are you going to do?I don't know who asked for a sequel, but whoever did I'd say they certainly answered. Will you be alright missing this from your catalog someday? I think you'll be fine; it's good even though it's not the most original thing done. But I liked what was brought to the character (never read the books) and I think that kind of element is perfect for cinema. It worked, and it worked well even as a standalone film. Despite some films in my Blu-ray collection I can easily see this surpassing (I'm looking at you, Paycheck), it does take a little more novelty in the entertainment factor for me to say that it's going to fly on my shelf. I still do recommend it for those willing to give it a shot. You like Cruise? You'll like this.The title may pertain to the film's story, though it's certainly not the most fitting, especially for audience members... we are glad he went back! Made for an impressive sequel that ultimately struck more interpersonal heartstrings than less. By the time the credits rolled, I can say that this film should be able to lodge in my memory much better than the first film even if I hypothetically never saw it again. Speaking of which, the end credits music felt a bit out of place and gave me a laugh. Didn't stick around to see if there were any after-credit things, but I don't know if this film franchise would be pushing for that kind of thing anyway.

Reviewed by E23-films 9 / 10

??? - never go back

"Never Go Back"? Shouldn't have. Let's be fair, it's not a bad film, it's just very middle of the road. For me the main problem is the director - Zwick has made some great movies in the past (Glory, Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai), but he's just not as good an action filmmaker as McQuarrie. So, all the cheesy bits of writing feel tacky, misjudged and amateur, instead of tongue-in-cheek and fun.The cast - Cruise is Cruise, he never changes. Despite the backlash, I actually thought he did pretty well in the first Jack Reacher film, he's tough and brutal as he should be. This time, he doesn't have that same power, and I think the film would've benefited from someone with more physical presence. Smulders also does fairly well with her character, though it's fair to say she's massively underwritten as the good soldier who wants justice for her murdered men and ends up being a mother figure. Even Yarosh isn't too bad as the problematic youth, though sometimes it was hard to take her seriously when she was being a feisty teen. The chemistry between the core three was fairly believable too, unlike the awful villainy hounding them.A big problem is the story. There's really very little mystery or suspense - why are they being set up? Who's the real killer? We should be more interested in the answers to those questions, but actually I couldn't care less. We also know who the primary antagonist is from near the start, so the rest of the film is just a slightly dull cat and mouse game with sporadically decent fight scenes.All in all, it's not as good as the first, but it's still a fairly reasonable action flick. Definitely not worth paying to see on the big screen, but it'll undoubtedly find a small following on Netflix in the next year or so. I wouldn't expect enough traction to warrant a third in the franchise though, this could be Jack's last.3/5

Reviewed by falynsoul 9 / 10

Starts strong, then falls flat on its face never to rise again.

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Tom 9 / 10

Slowly builds up to a great movie, but doesn't rise over the first of the series.

The first act of this movie is nothing short of brilliant. Its engaging, funny, and promises future action and mystery. Tom is in his element and he's better than ever at delivering those famous cheesy one-liners.About a third of the way into the film something happens. The focus shifts to a extremely lame sub-plot that wasn't called for, wasn't necessary, and adds nothing to the story. Characters begin acting in a completely different manner and for no apparent reason. I don't want to spoil anything but once you've reached this point (and you will know) the movie is completely predictable and fails to have any clever twists or produce excitement.What a huge disappointment and its fair to say I will never go back to watch this again.

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