La La Land


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bartonj2410 9 / 10

You'll be toe-tapping from start to finish

You know when you're watching a film that you just don't want to end, and when it does end you feel as if you could watch it all over again right there and then? I had that feeling with La La Land, the new film from Damien Chazelle, who blew us all away with Whiplash a few years ago.With La La Land, Chazelle has made an irresistible musical comedy-drama that serves up a real delight for the eyes and ears. If you haven't heard of this film yet (where have you been?), I'm sure you will do in the coming months.Mia Dolan (Emma Stone) is an aspiring actress serving coffees to film stars while Sebastian Wilder (Ryan Gosling) is a jazz pianist playing a small time bar to make ends meet. The two meet and fall in love but it's their dreams of success that soon threaten to tear them apart.The most striking thing about La La Land is just how beautifully crafted a film it is; the story, performances, music, dance numbers and cinematography all playing their part in making this such an unforgettable cinematic experience. I genuinely can't find one single fault in this film.Chazelle proves yet again just how mature he is for such a young filmmaker, writing and directing such a touching and often funny love story with a meticulous energy. The whole feel of the film is a throwback to the golden age of musicals, a decision a lot of filmmakers would have been too scared to make yet the pay off is massively satisfying. The gorgeous cinematography from Linus Sandgren brings the city of Los Angeles to life, awash with colour, while his swift camera-work, including some impressive long takes, in particular through the dance numbers, immerses the audience right in the middle of this dreamlike musical.Coming to the performances, La La Land features two superb lead performances from Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, both giving arguably their best performance to date. Gosling has really grown on me as an actor, maturing into one of the best in the business today. He proved earlier this year that he has a knack for comedy in The Nice Guys and he proves it yet again here. Stone always manages to impress me and she is dazzling in La La Land, singing and dancing her way into our hearts. The pair share an undeniable chemistry and I would love to see them both get the recognition they deserve come awards season.Justin Hurwitz's score and the original songs in La La Land, along with the wonderfully choreographed dance sequences, including a great opening number that sets the tone for the rest of the film, heighten the film's level of originality, maintaining that energy Chapelle's films possess.I dare you to try and not fall in love with La La Land. I fell in love with it and I'm sure many more will do so too.

Reviewed by Rick Cote 9 / 10

Golden age of Hollywood cinema re-imagined for today

Telluride by the Sea (Portsmouth, NH) led off its 2016 weekend film festival with La La Land, a captivating film that hearkens back to the golden age of Hollywood cinema yet remains firmly embedded in present-day Los Angeles life. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling bring a startling depth and nuanced feelings to what could easily have been another trite variation on the theme of falling in and out of love. The film impressed me on so many levels, for the quality of the direction and cinematography, the seamless transition between musical song-and-dance numbers with a powerful narrative, the inventive choreography, the authenticity that Stone and Gosling brought to their portrayal of their characters, and the amplification of the intensity of their romance enacted through their singing and dancing. This film is not-to-be-missed by anyone who loves the classic Ginger Rodgers-Fred Astaire movies and who longs for a modern re- invention of this genre.

Reviewed by stevepat99 9 / 10

If only I had not just watched Singin' in the Rain

Thought this would be a dandy New Years film. Just days before, when Debbie Reynolds passed away I spent time watching the classic dance/song numbers in Singin' in the Rain. Yes, the film's opening number was a fine homage to musicals of the golden age. Then, I could not help but compare Ryan and Emma's lack luster amateur dance efforts to the amazing talents of such as Debbie, Donald and Gene Kelly. Blah versus excellence. Next, I had to endure Ryan trying to sing, total failure. Emma a notch better but again not ready for prime time. No one left the theater humming anything close to an unforgettable tune. Time for me to again start humming Singin' in the Rain.The 'story' moved at snails pace for the most part. A major plot whole when a character makes a major, life altering decision which is totally ignored as if it never happened. Perhaps there is a missing scene on the cutting room floor since this then permitted an alternate ending which, of course, made no sense.Finally, many others are right to note the lack of chemistry between Ryan and Emma.To vote anything close to an 8.9 you need memorable songs, great chemistry, ever greater singing and dance talents plus a story that makes sense rather then contradicting itself. Sadly, I found all these qualities totally lacking.

Reviewed by ianzgreat 9 / 10

A wonderful and loving ode to the dreamers and artists of the world.

When I first saw the trailer for La La Land my expectations were set high. The excellent cast, the music and an exciting new director/writer were enough to get me in the door. I'm always a bit hesitant when it comes to filmed musicals.. Will it be stagy, stilted and awkward? Not in this case. Damien Chazelle has made a wonderfully cinematic and loving ode to the dreamers and artists of the world. Having lived in LA and worked on both sides of the camera I can relate to much of this film's endearing observations, trials and tribulations; but anyone who's ever yearned for what seems impossible and searched for true love will also easily connect with this film's gargantuan heart. I'm a self proclaimed total movie snob not easily pleased by much of what I see, but La La Land gave me all the feels and more. I cannot recommend this film enough. It's the kind of film you leave and you don't want the buzz, the tickle, the movie-high to end. I can't wait to see it again when it's in wide release. The artist in me is inspired again.

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