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Armie Hammer as Mike
Tom Cullen as Tommy Madison
Juliet Aubrey as Mike's Mother
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Venom_81 9 / 10

Nice movie

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Akhil Balachandran 9 / 10

Psychological thriller!!!

I enjoyed watching this movie, the script it's pretty solid and original and everything seems well done in all the details. Directors have done a good job keeping you stuck on the chair mixing some thriller / survival stuff with a background dramatic story that sometime spotted out giving more deep to the character. Well directed and well edited , with some shoots loop (the foot that step in making a "click" as it's touching a mine) or Armie that kneel down in different time and story spacing that bring some focus on what it's going to happen and linked all the story together. I enjoyed also how the directors gave us more information and the background story about the soldier and it's inner conflicts. Nice photography and environment too, with some cool shoots to watch. If you consider that on this movie there is less than 7 actors..and you really don't miss anything it means that they have done a good job. I was really surprised by Armie Hammer that he's playing the main character..he produces a really good interpretation really believable ,maybe better when he's in the desert than at home in his normal life. Really a good interpretation. Also i was surprised by the visual effects.. really good and that's why the movie it nominated for David's Donatello award. The only thing i found a bit silly...a marine never put himself in front of sun with a rifle scope..simply because it could reflects the light and make you detected..as it is in the movie..so maybe it's a bit silly. A nice movie that bring some more interesting stuff than just a survival movie as other similar, so if you want just to watch an action movie this isn't the right one, but if you want to watch something between action drama and thriller it's the right one and that's why i really enjoyed to watch it.

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