Miss Sloane


Drama  Thriller  


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Jessica Chastain as Elizabeth Sloane
Alison Pill as Jane Molloy
Jake Lacy as Forde
Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Esme Manucharian
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by delanos53-170-482861 9 / 10

More Liberal Gun phobia/gun grabber crap

Loved it. Jessica is very believable as uptight and smart, her lines are delivered with sharp intensity and she is just darn right sexy.Beautiful sets and cinematography. Cool wardrobes. Excellent whistle blowing. Any film that exposes truths about how massive greed and corruption are is a needed film to see.The hidden message is NOT about gun control, it's about corruption and how deep it goes. Seeing an educated, powerful women with needs also shows realism. The score is also nice.This is a great film and is very underrated!

Reviewed by josephmi 9 / 10

Worst propaganda I have ever seen.

Empowering women on the Big and small screens, is very Vogue. Chastain does it as well as any women so far. very convincing, and she proves once again, any role she does, she does better than most, if not all-just like her screen character in this flic-Miss Stone. The cast is superb, I would only second guess using the "tried and true "ie-over done/stereotype actors, and you know who I mean!!Lastly- I would have had a certain someone {Mr. Ford} waiting for Miss Stone when the curtain closes.Her blank stare-as if startled..BEGS for something!!! Maybe a sequel ?? What do you say ? I have to have 10 Lines ?? Why ruin a perfectly good review by adding unnecessary comments ? Help me on this people..tell IMDb that any length is fine.

Reviewed by Davis P 9 / 10

Why is this bombing at the box office?!!

Anti-gun propaganda film masquerading as a "strong woman" drama.God this woman is obnoxious. I couldn't stand being in the same room with her for more than 10 minutes.Chastain as the lead character was unappealing and unsympathetic so consequently I wasn't rooting for her. Quite the opposite. I was kind of hoping she would be taken out by opposition.To those who say the subject matter of gun control was just the background for the drama of the lead character, I say uh uh. Not balanced. No, this was the typical Hollywood "guns are bad & people who strive to take them away from everybody are good" drivel.Boring and predictable. Don't waste your time like I did.

Reviewed by vanapa9 9 / 10

Chastain Does The Empowered Woman

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