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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jtncsmistad 9 / 10

"Operation Avalanche" strikes close to the bone for me.

I understand that this gritty hand held camera style was intentional, but it did not work for me. I never liked these "Blair which project" style hand-held soddy grimy footages and if i had known that the entire film is in that style i would not have gone to see it. The story line was good and had a potential for a good drama or thriller. The ethical dilemma that the main character suddenly is forced to face in the middle of the film was a good hook for a gripping drama. But none of it really played out or was used properly in the film. The muddy soddy style with ugly claustrophobic frames, none of which was in focus did not add anything to the film. The characters and dramatic element remained undeveloped and the fact that that there was not one good clear frame simply started to irritate. Until about the middle it was difficult to even understand what was going on or separate the characters from each other as we could barely see them. There was nothing to enjoy, or to go along with.This film was simply annoying, pointless and boring.

Reviewed by M T 9 / 10

Some really good parts and some really stupid parts

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Reviewed by Sam Finch 9 / 10

Not to be harsh, but it just wasn't good

Matt Johnson is one of the most inspirational filmmakers today. Although i didn't love his first movie The Dirties, his directing style is really interesting. i liked the dirties but I thought it had a lot of problems. So I thought maybe with a bigger budget he could do a better movie so I was excited for Operation Avalanche. I saw the movie yesterday and I have mixed feelings about it. Some parts are awesome and incredible. Some parts are stupid and boring. But let's talk first about the good parts. I liked the score and the soundtrack a lot it captured the time period very well. They also captured the sixties feeling in this movie. I was always looking for some time inconsistencies but I couldn't find anything. It had great cinematography some shots were amazing. The improvised scenes in Nasa felt real and genuine. And the scene with Stanley Kubrick was just mind blowing. But by far the best moment in the movie is the car chase near the end of the movie. This was the best car chase scene i've seen since Children of Men it was so amazing and I think it was filmed in one take, which makes it even more impressive.But sadly the movie had it's negatives. On IMDb it is credited as a Thriller and for a thriller it is really boring. I don't mind slow-paced movies, but some scenes in this movie go on for far to long. It had one scene in the middle of the movie were they used special effects and it just looked fake and laughable. There was a fight scene that you couldn't take seriously, but it was meant to be. And you have the same problem like in all his movies: the acting. It isn't usual that a movie has so many things it does well but also so many stupid moments. I really hope his next movie will be better because i like Matt Johnson as a person and I think he is very inspirational. I really wanted to love this movie. I can say that i at least liked it better then The Dirties so he has improved.I would give this movie a 7/10

Reviewed by Movie Enthusiast 9 / 10

Boring and claustrophobic

An extremely ambitious addition to the emerging mumblecore genre, Operation Avalanche proposes that in 1967, a small group of young film-making CIA agents were responsible for 'faking' Apollo 11's landing on the moon by staging and shooting it on a sort of makeshift movie set. What makes this a great concept is the film's ambition, which ironically, is what also makes it completely fail on so many levels; for instance, actors seem to behave too much like themselves and not as characters resulting in things like them speaking as if they're from a different era than intended which, coupled with inconsistent costuming, is both jarring and shoddy. Filmmaker Matt Johnson simply bites off more than he can chew with his 'found footage' brainchild and audiences by the end of it will be like, "Houston, we want a refund."

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