Personal Shopper


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Kristen Stewart as Maureen Cartwright
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Reviewed by bkrauser-81-311064 9 / 10

Boring and Pretentious

"Personal Shopper" is a French-German co-production that is in the English language because the lead actress here is Kristen Stewart. Writer and director is French filmmaker Olivier Assayas and he worked with Stewart very recently already on a movie that resulted in major critics awards recognition for the young actress. So no surprise that they decided to reunite so quickly and this time Stewart is even the lead actress (and not Binoche). The German impact comes through the participation of actors like von Waldstätten and Eidinger in supporting roles. But it is really Stewart's movie. She is in absolutely every scene from start to finish and gives a commanding performance that manifests her in the acting elite from her generation, probably even as the number 1 at this point. She has her very own niche in terms pf physicality and approach and she fills it with grace. People who still think she sucks because of what she did in Twilight a decade ago have certainly lost their credicble connection when it comes to understanding what film is about these days.Now about this one here: It runs for 105 minutes approximately and is a relatively dark film. Stewart plays a personal shopper for a celebrity, which means she is busy buying her clothes because the star does not have time for that herself. But she is much more. She is also a medium who tries to get in contact with her deceased twin brother and now you already see why I call this a pretty dark movie. Stewart's looks fit the character very nicely. It's obvious she is suffering a lot from the whole situation and her encounters with ghosts make things even worse. And if that isn't already enough, she already suffers from a rare heart disease that complicates things, even if she says it doesn't worry her. The movie itself takes several directions in terms of the approach to mystery and horror and thriller. Sometimes the ghosts are very visible in ghost form, sometimes they are visible in human form, sometimes they aren't visible at all, can only be heard and at one point the film even turns into a murder mystery, during which one character tries to use the protagonist for his own sinister purposes when he frames her with murder. Will it work out? Watch for yourself.Anyway, as a whole I enjoyed this movie for the most part. Lengths are almost non-existent, but I am probably a bit biased here as I just love watching Stewart as an actress and not only is she stunningly beautiful again while still pulling off that somewhat casual regular look and male audiences can be interested here in particular because we get to see a whole lot of her here and with this I don't just mean her looking stunningly beautiful in an expensive dress. And what we hear from her in one particular scene is almost even better. No more spoilers. You need to watch this one and you will immediately know what I mean. I personally thought Stewart gives an awesome performance that would have deserved an Oscar nomination, but it is okay. I'm sure her first Academy Award (nomination) is only a matter of time because of how unique she is right now in the industry. She puts her full talent on display here and carries a pretty good movie by herself. The only people that I would not recommend seeing it are those who neither like Stewart nor supernatural (yet subtle) horror films. The only reason why I did not give it a higher rating is probably because ghost movies are not exactly my cup of tea. But Stewart makes it work and elevates the material a lot, no doubt about it.

Reviewed by AlexFalzon 9 / 10

Two Thirds of an Incredible Film

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Reviewed by omgmrtea 9 / 10

Very unnerving in a good way, i liked it quite a bit

Just saw this at the 12. Zurich Film Festival. For me, what really stands out about this movie is the fact that you don't know where it is going. It was a stressful experience, but i enjoyed it nonetheless. Is it about something supernatural? Is it psychological? Is it ...? I've seen a lot of movies in my life, but rarely one that is unsettling in a very subtle way like this one. I was never really sure what to expect from the movie, and at certain points it was quite unnerving. Honestly at some point during the movie, i was JUST NOT SURE anymore where it was going, which was very suspenseful and at the same time very stressful, haha. Kristen Stewart, whose independent movies i like very much anyway(The Yellow Handkerchief/Welcome to the Rileys/Speak etc), delivers a great performance and really adds a lot to the mood, and you can really feel her psychological stress, especially in a very well done train sequence, and, well.. Telling any more would spoil the experience i feel, that's why i stop now. It's best if you don't know too much about the movie imo.If you want to see something different/unique, you don't mind a slower pace and you like it if circumstances are not always perfectly clear - this is one for you. 8/10

Reviewed by Jerry Rontsis 9 / 10

Go for it. There's no way to tell whether you'll like it or not before you see it.

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