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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daniel Endy 9 / 10

The Best Spiritual Movie I've Ever Seen

If you are spiritual, but not religious, see this movie. If you are religious, see this movie. If you have suffered a great tragedy or loss, and you are in pain, see this movie. If you have tried to make sense of spirituality and religion but could not, see this movie. It is full of wisdom and metaphor and not your standard religious dogma. It's the best spiritual movie I have yet to see.

Reviewed by (dkoonts) 9 / 10

If you loved the book...

If you enjoyed the book--you will love the movie. The movie addresses the ageless philosophical question, "Why does God let bad things happen?" It presents some theology in an unorthodox fashion--but not a heretical one. I found it more inspiring than Narnia--which I dearly love. The film follows the book closely, but not 100%. As a film and story it's not perfect--but it's very close. If you have an open mind, I suggest you see it.

Reviewed by patsworld 9 / 10

You Will Come Away From This One Thinking - And Feeling

This is a wonderful family film. Here's a tip for Hollywood. My friend and I go to a matinée pretty much every week. There are sometimes, at most, a dozen, sometimes a half dozen, people in the theater. For this one? The room was a good half full. Now tell me why Hollywood insists on producing nasty, foul, poorly-written and acted pieces of trash all the time? Really. Anyway, this one gives you so much to think about. There are several instances of symbolism in this picture that took my breath away, that brought me to tears. Well written, well-acted, this one is so worth seeing. I am anxious to see it again and trust me, that isn't often the case. I took away from that theater a new feeling and I've thought about several of the lines of dialogue many times since. The truth and the trust of this picture will stay with you. I know it did me. I am always surprised by Tim McGraw. The man can surely sing, but he can also act. He's a natural. Octavia Spencer seems to be in about every movie there is lately - well, not quite but still - however, there is a reason. She is wonderful. She brings her role to life every time. And she most certainly did in this one. Trust me, this is one you want to see. Take your family. Take your friends. Or go alone. Doesn't matter. Just see it.

Reviewed by jadoredior1983 9 / 10

This movie helped heal my heart

A perfect 10/10. I was thinking how am I going to sell this movie so everyone I know watches it? I don't need to sell it, is the conclusion I came to. I'm going to share a text I sent to some amazing friends who I watched this with! "I love papa! I love talking with Him! I love how he uses things we experience to inspire us! I love how he changes our hearts first and then the grace and power flow. I love how he gets excited when we are excited! And I love how happy he is right now. That the little victories are big victories in the kingdom of God. I just want to share this with everyone lol!" So I will. I love the best friend I have in Jesus. That I can talk to him about anything and he cares. I love what he did for me. I love the Holy Spirit. I love the warmth he brings, the comfort, kindness and power that comes and flows through me. And I love how they are all God.My advice to others is set aside what you think you know for an open mind and a new experience. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth, let her do the thinking and you do the watching and feeling. Just so you know my biases have been set aside for this movie review. I don't like a lick of country music! And Tim McGraw is in this movie! The king of country! The message is so powerful I ignored all my biases and just experienced an amazing movie!

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